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Tarsus Cleopatra met Mark Antony, birthplace of St. Paul, church and Roman ruins.


TermessosTermessos has been referred to as the 'Eagles Nest' by the ancients. The habitants, Solymians, were  of Asian descent that raided seaside neighbors around Antalya. No one was able to defeat them, not even Alexander the Great whose men were showered with boulders from atop the hill. The downfall happened after an earthquake in 567. Antiquities here include Hadrian's Gate, theater, gymnasium, agora, bath complex and a necropolis with about 1,000 tombs scattered along the hillside. Nearby is the Karain Cave where evidence of inhabitants from the Paleolithic Age were discovered.



Sumela MonastryTrabzon (Trebizond, Trapezus) was founded by  Miletians in 746 B.C. by the Black Sea. In the 4th century, the Sumela Monastery was carved into shear rock by the monks. It is over 800 feet above the valley floor. Alexius Comnene had his coronation here. In the early 13th century the Greek State of Pontus became independent. The Hagia Sophia church was built in 1245 and has one of the best Byzantine frescoes. Marco Polo was one of its visitors. Although the walls had never been breached, Emperor David surrendered the region without bloodshed to the Ottomans in 1461, 8 years after Constantinople's surrender. This area has all the lush shades of green imaginable.




Trojan Horse ReplicaTruva (Troy, Ilium) was first settled in the early Bronze Age 3000 B.C., hosted the Trojan War circa 12th century B.C. and was concocted in  Homer's Iliad. Hector, Heros, Achilles, Paris, King Odysseus of Ithaca and Ajax were among some of its residents. The city was built and destroyed nine times, the last being circa 400 and then forgotten. In 1871 Schliemann discovered Troy but smuggled the treasures to Germany. In 1993 they re-surfaced as the lost treasures of Priam in Moscow, apparently the Soviets had looted it after W.W.II.


Urfa Ancient Edessa, Babylon settlement, Abraham's birthplace, holy carp pool, museum, covered bazaar.

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