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Oludeniz - FethiyeKalkan - Kas - Kekova - Oludeniz are on the Mediterranean  with each offering unique sites to enjoy: Wild coastlines, secluded beaches, Roman ruins, blue fluorescent water caves, calm lagoons, pine forests, Hellenistic ruins, Crusaders Castle, a sunken city, Lycian rock tombs carved into the cliffside and hundreds of sarcophagi scattered around.

Konya (Iconium) was the capital of the Roman province Whirling Dervishes Lycaonia 2,000 years ago.

Kusadasi is a port for cruise ships, a vacation destination, lively streets and night life.

Marmaris is a picturesque resort town with pine clad hills, fine beaches, yachting center.

MiletusMilet (Miletus) was settled in by the Ionians in the 11th century B.C. In the 7th century B.C. it became the principle port and the richest emporium in the Aegean Coast. It was home to philosophers Thales,  Anaximander and Anaximenes. Thales believed that "there was a fundamental unity beneath the apparent disorder and complexity of nature" and he postulated that "water was the material basis for all things". Miletus has a theater, consul chamber, market place, temples and the Faustina Baths which consists of many chambers including dressing, hot, cold, steam and exercise rooms. The Baths were built by Faustina II, wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The grid-like street layout of the ancient city resembles modern cities of today.

Mount Ararat is believed to be where Noah's Ark landed and is the highest point in Turkey.

Mount NimrodNemrut Dagi (Mt. Nimrod) is in a remote part of Turkey and home to Antiochus I's self-glorifying monument. He concluded that since his ancestors (Alexander the Great from his Greek mother's side  and Darius King of Kings from his Persian father's side) were 'gods', then he too must be a god. He is depicted shaking hands with Apollo, Zeus and Heracles as if he were being initiated into the "god's club" Over the centuries the huge statues have fallen victim to nature and their heads tumbled off. The site of the mountain range is a perfect setting for the 'Throne of the Gods'.

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