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Santa Claus StatueDemre or Kale (Myra) is the home of Saint Nicholas of Patara Bishop of Myra, also known as Santa Claus. His tomb and an 11th century basilica dedicated to him are located here. The Acropolis of this Lycian city is situated on top of the cliffs containing the Lycian rock tombs. The Acropolis  is surrounded by walls from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. About 20 miles west is Mount Olympos, home to the legendary eternal flame where the Greek myth Chimera, a fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, was defeated by Bellerophon.


MedusaDidim (Didyma) is the home of the god Apollo where only priests were allowed to enter  and consult the Oracle. The construction of the colossal Temple of Apollo commenced circa 300 B.C. and continued for 500 years. With its towering 120 columns it was the third largest temple in the ancient Greek world. Eventually the cost prohibited its completion. A statue of Poseidon and the massive head of Medusa are just a few things to see.


Celsus LibraryEfes (Ephesus) The once flourishing ancient port was the  first and the greatest metropolis of Asia. At its peak it had 250,000 inhabitants, was the center of trade and had the world's first bank. Of all the ancient cities in Turkey, Ephesus with its 5,000 years of history is the best preserved and most visited in all ages. Many VIPs of ancient history like Lydian King Croesus, Alexander the Great, St. Paul, St. John, Virgin Mary walked on the marble paved streets of this magnificent city. To fulfill his pledge to Jesus, St. John brought Madonna here to protect her. Virgin Mary's house is an important pilgrimage destination and had Papal visits in the recent years. Ephesus is one of the Seven Churches: Revelation 1:11:2:1-17 Acts 18:19-28:19

Harran Ancient Biblical town, bizarre beehive style dwellings, one of the oldest continuously inhabited place.

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