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Antalya (Attaleia)
is one of the vacation paradises in  Turkey. The pine clad Taurus Mountains meet the deep blue colors of the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful shallow calm beaches. Sports and leisure activities are abundant such as caving, mountain climbing, golfing, river rafting and sea sports. In March and April one could even enjoy skiing in the morning and taking a dip on miles of warm waters along the coastline or by Duden Falls in the afternoon. History-wise Antalya offers Hadrian's Gate circa 130, a Byzantine church converted to a mosque with its unique minaret in the 13th century by Seljuk ruler Aladdin, an old harbor, covered bazaar, a caravansary and a museum


AphrodisiasAphrodisias is the city dedicated to Aphrodite (Venus), goddess of love and mother of Eros. Some of its treasures include the Temple of Aphrodite, a restored theater for 10,000, the world's best preserved Greco-Roman stadium with marble seats for 30,000, the School of Philosophy, an Agora, the Hadrian Baths, Tetrapylon (a monumental gate) and the Odeon.




Aspendos was founded by colonists who came from Argos under the leadership of Mopsos. The world's best preserved ancient Roman theater is here and  rivals the Colosseum in Rome. Its acoustical design is brilliantly engineered. Once 20,000 spectators watched the gladiators, today this antique theater is still being used actively for concerts, ballets and plays. Nearby are the remnants of the Roman aqueducts.


Bergama (Pergamum or Pergamon) According to Roman historian Pliny, it was "by far the most famous city in Asia". The acropolis contains the ruins of temples such as  Athena, Demeter, Pergamum Trajan and Dyonisos, palaces, agoras, the Asklepion, the Parchment Library, one of the world's steepest theaters, figure of Nike and the Archeological Museum. The library once held 240,000 scrolls and housed the most famous collection of writings of that time. Mark Antony gave the collection to Cleopatra. The parchment process, processing lamb and goat skins to use as paper, was invented here. Pergamon was the home to Altar of Zeus, now housed in Berlin's Pergamon Museum. Asklepion is believed to be the first full service health clinic in the world. The name Asclepios refers to god of medicine and recovery and whose staff and snake are the symbol of modern medicine. Famous physicians Galen and Hippocrates were born and worked at Pergamon. The Shrine of Artemis is located here. Pergamon is one of the Seven Churches: Revelation 2:12-17

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